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Outside of subjects taught in the classroom, we understand that there is a myriad of skills that children need to survive and thrive in the real world. Developing these skills and attaining level-mastery requires us to design co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

The major subjects offered include:

Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Aptitude are infused into Numeracy and Literacy respectively.

Apart from Taekwondo, Ballet, Football, Etiquette, Chess and Coding, we also run an extra-curricular program tagged O.V.A which stands for “Oren Vocational Academy”, every Friday from 1pm to 2pm. OVA allows children to learn a variety from skills from Years 1 to 6 ensuring that by the time they leave primary school they are well versed in a particular vocational skill. Some of the trade crafts learned include Beading, Jewelry making, accessorizing, barbing, robotics, woodworking, metal art, gaming and a few others.

O.R.A.C.L.E stands for the “Oren Reading and Adventure Club Express”. It is our uniquely designed Saturday program for both our children and children from other schools needing some fun engagement on the weekend. Children get to be part of book clubs, comic clubs, arcade clubs and engage in healthy competition structured to foster vital character indices as well as be a lot of fun. Every Saturday presents something uniquely different from the previous one, so the kids always have something to look forward to. Registration details can be gotten from the school’s front desk or Instagram page.

Collectively, these give our children a well-rounded learning experience.