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About Us

How we started

Our story is an interesting one

Oren school is a rebirth of an original vision which launched in 2012. It was called "Fifi's Place" and offered a strictly crèche, preschool and after-school service for young mothers who needed a trustworthy place to care for their babies while at work, and until they return home from work.


It would take 5 months from September to February before we would get our first registered baby. This could be said to be the point of development of our resilience, perseverance and devotion. As the years went on our clients, craving an extension of our services, inspired us to go a step further and develop the first level of education after crèche for children one year old and some months, and thus emerged the "Playgroup" class. It was in September 2016, that the vision of Oren launched to replace that of Fifi's place, as a fully functional Pre-school (Nursery) and Primary school, and ever since we have grown organically in leaps and bounds.

Who we are

Our School

Oren school is a co-educational establishment providing academic and educational services to children aged 3 months to 10 years old. We are located in the serene environment of River Valley Estate in the Ojodu Berger-Ifo axis of Lagos state. We house a population of just over 150 learners across all the classes for preschool to primary. Our staff are professional well-trained and committed to delivering services at the Oren standard. They also commit to regular professional development and attend trainings, seminars and conferences to enrich and refresh them.

Renovations and redesigns are typically carried out every session to provide children and parents with a new aesthetic every time they resume for a new session. Resumption is at 8am. We are big on punctuality therefore the gates are closed by 8:15am by which time the first learning for the day has already commenced in class. School typically ends at 2pm daily.

Academically we run a unique hybrid curriculum of the British and Nigerian learning content. What makes it unique is the pedagogy with which we deliver said curriculum. In your days and ours as learners, our teachers chalked and talked, and learning was focused on how much content knowledge could be absorbed. Today, at Oren school, our pedagogy focuses on the depth of understanding and application of relevant content, teaching children to be effective with knowledge not just in the classroom, but out there in the world where they spend and will spend more of their lives.

Olayemi Omotayo

Director of Studies

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What we do

Commitment for the Future